"Although eCanarys is a world away from us, technology allows us to Work as an integrated team. No different than if the office was down the block. We are very happy to have found eCanarys!"
Kirk K
Community Management Systems

For an American organization who wants to take advantage of offshore software development, FWC offers a no cost service that matches your requirements with the best provider. After matching you with an ideal vendor, FWC remains engaged for the life of the project, insuring that both sides understand each other…. until you are satisfied.

FWC represents many reputable and reliable Indian Software Development companies, each with discrete skills and expertise on different platforms and types of applications.

“When working with an offshore provider, constant and clear Communication is a critical ingredient in order for the result to be optimal” Patrick Conlon Founder, Flat World Computing (FWC)

For No Cost FWC will insure:
  • Communication hurdles are minimized - From the offshore vendor evaluation, until the project is completed, FCS stays engaged.
  • The requirements and your wishes will be clearly understood
  • The project will be awarded to an ideal Indian partner
  • Your project will be completed by a proven reliable and professional offshore vendor
  • your interests will be represented by an independent business analyst, fluent in offshore software development
  • We guarantee our work, your risk is minimized; we will work against an agreed upon Scope of Work, until you are satisfied.
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